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We Cherish Rare aroids and Distinctive 
Tropical Plants
-Gardening is a medicine that does not need aprescription, and as no limit on dosage-

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Botanical Treasures is located in Québec city, Canada.

It will be our pleasure to know you if you want to pick up your order on site!

We deliver anywhere in Canada!

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Welcome to
Botanical Treasures!

Mother nature offers us an abundance of plants to choose from. It’s incredible to think how creative she is when designing these beautiful ecosystems. Taking a closer look within these environments, we can find plants of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Some so complex yet fragile, and others so simple.


Here, at Botanical Treasures, we are dedicated to bring rare aroids and unusual exotic plants to your collection. You will find just about anything imaginable among our plants! When it's time to find the right supplier to bring you new varieties, we make sure that they are environmentally responsible. 


This online shop is brought to you with all our love and passion for plants. We sincerely hope that you will find your Botanical Treasures!

Botanical treasures - rare and unusual exotic plants - buy online - retailer shop - Quebec, Ontario - Canada- shop

Love grows here...

Botanical treasures - rare and unusual exotic plants - retailer shop - Quebec, Ontario - Canada- shop your plants online

Choose what makes your heart bloom...

Benefits of plants

Many studies have shown that humans are instinctively happier, more inspired and relaxed within a natural environment. It is proven that interacting with plants is a great way to release stress and reduce mental fatigue. Even a brief exposure to nature can make us more compassionate,  cooperative and have an instant calming effect. Plants bring to our life good vibe and positive energy!

Botanical treasures - rare and unusual distinctive exotic plants - retailer shop - Quebec, Ontario - Canada- buy your exotic plants online

How it has started

My name is Mélanie, I'm a plant lover ! 

Since my childhood, mother nature has always occupied a big place in my life. Without really knowing why, I was born with the gift to have a green hand and a great respect for our land and every living being no matter how small it can be… Like a green witch!

Plants keep us grounded. Much like we do, plants need care and they remind us how we must tend to ourselves and to others. They warm and enliven our spaces, allowing us to connect with the natural world in our everyday experience. I will share with you my affection and knowledge about this beautiful passion that we have in common. I will do my best to bring passion, expertise and attentive care to each interaction with you. 


With Love, Mélanie


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Botanical treasures - rare, distinctive tropical plant in Quebec, Canada - online store - shop
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