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I love talking to my plants, i wonder if they like to listen ?!

Should you talk to your plants? It makes them no harm and it may give you a psychological boost. Spending time with plants is soothing. This promotes good health, both mentally and physically. By their side, we really feel happy and in a good company!

Outside of the obvious de-stressing benefits to you, plants also experience several verified responses. The first is the response to vibration which turns on two key genes that influences growth. The next is the fact that plants increase photosynthesis production in response to carbon dioxide, a by-product of human speech! It’s amazing right?! One thing is for sure, plants are influenced by all of the environmental changes around them. If these changes are good for their health and growth development, and its caused by you reading the paper or a book of poetry, then the lack of science doesn’t matter! Nobody who loves plants will be calling you crazy for trying, in fact, they will understand cause they are probably talking to their plants too!!! Every day, I talk to my plants! I'm sure they feel my good vibes!