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Our plants: Our precious, our capricious, our misunderstood... Our "Drama Queen"!!!

If this title appeals to you, this article is for you!!

Your plant, so beautiful and radiant with health when it was purchased, has been sulking at home for some time?! Stunky with fewer leaves than before and not growing as you would expect. Do you wonder about the origin of his mysterious illness? Let's look at the different possibilities together!

Before adopting a plant, it is always a good idea to know its needs in order to put the odds on your side to see it grow optimally!

Plants on “Steroids”

Some plants are forced into the greenhouse by large producers, tampered with with hormones to dwarf them (prevent a plant from growing) or artificially colored are really more fragile than others and their recovery once at home is very difficult, because they are created to provoke a crush purchase but by no means to last! We've probably all received a decorative mini rose bush as a gift and how many of us have managed to keep it alive? The answer is simple: hardly anyone!!! So, if this is your case, don't panic, it's normal!

Wrong substrate

All plants have a preferred ecosystem that you should try to recreate at home. For example, epiphytic plants do not need the same growing medium as many tropical plants or cacti. Always remember to find out about the nature of the soil in which your plant grows to prevent it from becoming deficient and starting to wither at home.

PH matters too! Some plants will find it very difficult to grow in calcareous soil because they cannot transform the iron necessary for their growth in such conditions. Others, on the contrary, will appreciate a basic soil and will vegetate in acid soil.