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The assent of rare plants

Hi Everyone!

In this blog, let's find out why we fell for rare plants instead of sticking with our good old traditional plants!

Why rare plants?

At the start of the pandemic who didn't feel suffocated by this situation? Confined inside our homes, we needed a way to escape, to live and to be happy! Have you ever walked into a place full of lush, green plants and thought, “Wow, this place feels amazing!” There’s a reason for this. Plants are alive, and they make you feel alive! This is when the love of plants came to our rescue! The pandemic has had multiple impacts on the indoor plants market. For a large number of workers, working from home has quickly moved from an occasional corporate pleasure to the normality. The solution for many was to replace their human friends with green ones!! After all, they have always been there for us. The pandemic was just a wake-up call for many to be us. Houseplants have a direct link to positive emotional well-being experienced during the Covid pandemic. Numerous studies have reported a number of psychological benefits for people who are exposed to nature. And negative emotions were more common among those who lived in homes with minimal natural light and no plants. So how it start?

Social networks encourage us to consume and feed the fashions of certain varieties of plants. Like our precious rare plants, which had a huge moment of glory! But why rare plants? Because, after going around the plants that are more common and easy to access, a challenge of research and exploration to discover the plants that we see less or not in the garden center was felt! This is when the majestic entry of rare plants begins! Day after day the collections of rare plants were growing among the homes of thousands of new collectors! In this upward movement several other factors have come into play to continue to stimulate our growing interest such as: Auction sites and (purges) which also fuel our continual frenzy!

In this difficult time that we have been experiencing lately with this pandemic, an extraordinary phenomenon has greatly developed. Several communities of the plant world have emerged. On social networks, dozens of Facebook, Instagram and

TikTok share on a daily basis several tips, finds, plants care information, scam alerts, jokes from the world of plants, etc.... Real little gold mines!